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Fleet Management. Renter Access, Control, Education and Logistics

We take on a holistic approach by building separate software for vehicle users and fleet managers that works in concert to enhance and automate the EV sharing experience for both parties. Imbued with features that are universally essential across all applications of car-sharing, AmpHERE provides a ubiquitous tertiary layer between users, vehicles and managers for whatever your car-sharing needs may be.

Renter App


Rent Like You Own It

Looking to access all of the features and functionalities of an EV owner and then some? Now you can manage all of the aspects of your rental to create a unique experience. Control and monitor your EV through the AmpHERE - Renter app. We provide access to all the functionality that an owner would get in their manufacturer app, so you can truly be in control.

New To EVs?

If you are one of the many who has not driven an EV before, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be up to speed in no time, we educate with basic EV tips and in-app vehicle specific training videos. Not enough? Our AI powered virtual trip assistant has your back, alerting you before dead battery situations occur, providing charging options while you still have range to get there.

Be the Change, Know the change

Green is the new black. As a result, it is becoming harder to tell what actions are truly environmentally friendly vs green virtue signaling. AmpHERE, quantifies environmental impact. As a user you can monitor your Co2 emissions savings at a trip level, over all of your trips, and across the AmpHERE community as a whole.

EV Fleet Management Made Easy

Empowering vehicle users with our feature rich renter app takes a load of responsibility off the fleet manager, AmpHERE - Fleet mobile app helps take care of the rest. Save time, unnecessary costs and provide an overall better experience.

Fleet Dashboard

Quickly gain insight into the state of your fleet. View vehicle vitals, rental status and driving behavior information all in one place. The dashboard prioritizes the vehicles that need attention so managers know where to place their focus.

Proactive Alerts

Ready for supercharged management – AmpHERE has you covered. Our AI detects problems before they occur and sends you proactive alerts and automates actions to lower down time, boosting vehicle utilization, aka more rentals.

Automated Security

Did a renter leave the car unlocked after their trip was finished? No worries, AmpHERE is on it. Through our configurable automated security feature, your fleet will automatically lock after a trip. Is a vehicle driving when it shouldn’t be? AmpHERE will notify you and give you the option to put the vehicle in “theft mode”, should it be warranted.

Fleet Management App


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