EVA – EVs as an Amenity

Attract & Retain Residents by Providing EVs as an Amenity. Full-service. Turnkey. All EV.

Do you manage or live in a residential property and want full-service EV sharing? We provide everything (vehicles, charging, technology, and even people) to support exclusive EV access as an Amenity.

Influence the decision making of your next potential resident with AmpHERE. Differentiate your property while increasing revenue by utilizing unused parking spots.

Help meet your environmental goals by providing your residents with a sustainable transportation solution. Allow your residents to track their personal environmental impact while the building tracks its total impact, which it can share with the community to promote a sense of responsibility.

With our turnkey full-service amenity access, we provide:

Mobile App   |   EVs   |   Chargers   |   Fleet Maintenance and Cleaning   |   Utilization and Revenue Dashboards

Benefits All Under One Roof

After housing, transportation is our second largest expenditure. A downtown dweller’s car ownership paradigm today can be very time consuming and costly, having to pay for the car, parking, insurance, maintenance, etc. Let your building take care of both those needs.

Whether you need a car now to make a quick trip or want to plan a weekend excursion, accessing a car means you do not need to look any further than home and your AmpHERE app.


Benefits for Property Owners:

Attract & Retain Residents

Urban mobility is changing, lead the charge!


An exclusive amenity for residents, not open to the public

Quantifiable Difference

Track ROI, usage patterns and climate impact

Actionable Insights

Learn more about your residents through analytics

Increase Revenue

We share the profits with you!


Reduce your impact through EV sharing and qualify for government environmental incentives & reduce your building’s impact.

Benefits for Residents:


Save money compared to rideshare and car rentals.


Save time with EVs only an elevator ride away.


Book on-demand or reserve in advance.


Access to EVs within our greater EV sharing community.


Exclusive access to Tesla vehicles.


Feel good as residents track their carbon savings.

Accelerate EV Sharing With Us Today

Enjoy full-service, turn-key electric vehicle solutions unlike anything before with AmpHERE. Join us and support exclusive EV access as an amenity today. Learn more today about how you can become part of the AmpHERE mobility as an amenity program.