Community EV Sharing


Community EV Sharing

Sustainability is driven by the community.

We believe the biggest impact comes from providing communities the opportunity to both rent and manage EVs. Sharing EVs reduces the number of vehicles needed to serve the community, increases the amount of inhabitable space while decreasing pollution and congestion.

Fleet Managers

Build relationships with renters who love your car as much as you do with incentive structures to reward repeat trips or above and beyond car care. Off-load tasks such as charging on your renters in exchange for reduced rates.

Car-sharing hosts today see little to no data for how their renters treat their vehicle. We aim to build a ‘driver profile’ that rewards efficient driving and promotes good vehicle stewardship, through AI and community driven input.

Reduce congestion in your neighborhood by empowering the community to get around in a green way.



Our core tenants of car-sharing are flexible access, shared management, and the best experience.

  • Everyone doesn’t need a car for a full day. Our platform allows flexible access for easy hourly use.
  • Need a ride now? Tell us where you are going. We will show you the vehicles ready near you with plenty of charge for your trip.
  • Many people haven’t had an EV before, so we provide the best EV education coupled with AI powered alerts that prevent dead battery situations.

Diversify your income

We provide the cars and tech. You manage. Start your own business with AmpHERE and bring community EV sharing to your neighborhood.

West Town Chicago - Beta program

Live in West Town and interested in EV sharing as a renter, manager, or both? We are starting our community EV sharing program with the Beta release in West Town, and would love for you to be a part of it. Contact us for more information.

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